Quartz Wall Cladding

Cambria quartz wall cladding makes elegance effortless. With its continuous look and efficient installation process, you’ll enjoy a pristine, grout-free surface that enhances aesthetics and eliminates endless upkeep. Naturally nonabsorbent, it protects against mold and mildew and harboring bacteria—making it the perfect alternative to tile for showers, backsplashes, wainscoting, accent walls, and fireplaces. 

Wall cladding is not available in all designs and only as a custom order in 6mm or 1cm thickness, in a minimum size of 16''x40''. To learn more, call 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742).

Spotlight on Wall Cladding

Uncover the world of quartz wall cladding with insightful tips, latest trends, and inspiring images.

The Benefits of Quartz Wall Cladding

Quartz wall cladding adds depth and drama to traditionally flat, overlooked surfaces. Its breathtaking patterns, unsurpassed durability, and maintenance-free qualities enable it to use its superior style to elevate everyday life—for life.

Custom-fit and efficient install

Custom tailored to your space’s unique dimensions, quartz wall cladding creates a clean look whenever installed.

No tile grout lines

Enjoy a sleek appearance without unsightly tile grout lines.

Naturally nonabsorbent

Mold, mildew, and bacteria have no place to thrive, giving you a more hygienic environment.

Easy to clean

With its smooth, nonabsorbent surface, quartz can be simply cleaned with warm water, a cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired.

Find Your Cambria Design

Explore the most innovative quartz palette in the industry and find the design that speaks to you.

Custom Quartz Applications

Create an exceptional look that captivates with alluring creativity through bookmatching designs or backlighting.

A bathroom with a large bathtub and a Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz wall

Wall Cladding Inspiration

Make a dramatic statement with big, bold, and beautiful quartz wall cladding that takes command of any space.

brittanicca gold warm quartz fireplace